Ann's Health Food Center

100% Organic Produce

We have once again began to increase our selection of 100% organic produce. We will be offering all staple items and will continue to source only local and 100% organic produce items. We will always use 100% organic produce in our Ann's Cafe as well. Call or stop by either of our locations to ask why "organic" is the only way to go with produce.

Your one stop shop for Dr. Oz

We offer everything Dr. Oz says on his television show and if we don't have it, we will get it. From hCG, Raspberry Ketones to Saffron and Safflower. You name it, we got it. Call us for prices, or come down to either one of our locations in Dallas and Waxahachie. Also if you can't make it in, we can always ship products to you! Call us for information.


Welcome to Ann's Health Food Center, serving the Dallas and most recently the Waxahachie area going on 30 years. We offer a broad selection of natural products to help you live a better life, with two locations for your convenience. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, a knowledgeable staff, and incredible prices. So, whether you’re new to exploring natural foods and supplements or have already adopted a healthier lifestyle, we provide the products and assistance you need.

Need a specific product that we dont carry?

We pride ourselves on ordering ANY product for you that we dont carry. Whether it be from a line of products that we already carry, or a line of products that we don't currently stock. Ann's guarantees that if we can order the item, then we will certainly get it for you. Call or stop by for any inquires you may have.

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